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FAQ + Contact

Answering questions & getting in touch

Frequently Asked Questions

Before reaching out, check out these frequently asked questions to get the inside track.

I would love to work with you!

Fantastic! Learn how I like to work by going here.

Will you be a guest on my [clubhouse room, webinar, livestream, podcast, blog, you-name-it]!

I LOVE showing up and providing serious value to your audience. I’m all about mutually beneficial collaboration and amplification. First, I like to make sure we vibe, and to ensure I can support your intentions with some solid gold for your audience. The best way to to get this kicked off is to pop into my Instagram DM’s with your ideas. We can take it from there.

I have a business question…Can you help?

Sure! The best way to get your business questions answered is to post them on my Facebook Page where I can answer them where others can benefit as well. It might take me a while to respond (if I’m on vacation and such), but I will always reply.

Will you be an affiliate for my [business, product, service, etc]?

I am an affiliate for services and products that I use personally, and recommend without hesitation to my clients. In most cases, I am not interested in creating new affiliate relationships, but if you think that you’re an exception to this somehow and I should reconsider, use the form below to send details.

I just want to pick your brain…

I’ve got a great option for you. Sign up for The Breakthrough Session, and I will give your questions my full attention.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Use this form or email my assistant at hello@starlightsobright.com. We will generally get back to you within 3 business days.

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