Avatars & Empathy Series

Avatars & Empathy Series

Customer Avatar + Journey + Positioning

Do you have a service that isn’t selling? Are you feeling unsure about your service and exactly how it meets your customers needs? Are you getting hung up on the finer points of your customer avatar? Does it feel like you’re just “imagining” what your people want and need?

The Avatars & Empathy Series is designed for business owners and service providers that need someone who can help them develop & systemize profound customer understanding.

During your series of four coaching sessions, you will be supported in:

  • Defining with absolute clarity who your target customer is, and their pain points.
  • Validating your ideal customer avatar with real customer data
  • Mapping your customer journey & stages of need
  • Aligning your service, product or community offering to an enthusiastic audience

These sessions come with details on conducting customer research, templates and tools, instructional guidance on developing customer empathy & understanding, and insights you can use & re-use on your business journey again & again.

Be the ultimate expert on your customers.

1:1 Sessions – Avatars & Empathy Series $599

Develop profound customer understanding.
Spend four weeks becoming the undisputed expert on your customers.
Stop wondering if you’re building something they will really want. Get the actual data you need so that you can trust your business strategy & marketing plan is in line with what your favorite people want most.

This is a series of one-on-one guided sessions where you will have undivided attention on your customer, your research, your outcomes & your product fit. The series includes revising a single product or service offering with updated positioning to your newly validated market. (Take what you’ve learned and apply it!)

1x 20-minute customer benchmarking call
4x one-on-one coaching & learning sessions
1x product or service assessment & reframing
Templates & videos for lessons
Action plan to find & capture your target customers

Questions & Answers

Group Sessions – Avatars & Empathy Series $299

Get the insights & guidance alongside peers
Group sessions are small, curated groups of motivated entrepreneurs. Each member is handpicked to create a mini-mastermind to accelerate your progress as you become the expert on your customer and align your product positioning for market.

Join the four group sessions to explore the weekly topic, ask your questions during live Q&A, and get peer support in your private group, anytime. Leverage the power of your group to motivate & inspire your progress during the month long program.

1x 20-minute customer benchmarking call
4x pre-recorded learning sessions
2x live group Q&A sessions
Templates & videos for lessons
Action plan to find & capture your target customers

How it Works:

  1. Book & pay for your sessions; choose a time that works for you for your benchmarking session.
  2. We meet to discuss your current customer understanding during a short Customer Benchmarking call. We’ll also schedule any 1:1 sessions during this call.
  3. Live 1:1 sessions are conducted over Zoom; you get the guidance & coaching you need to take action for the week! Group sessions are pre-recorded and delivered according to schedule.
  4. Each learning session is recorded; afterwards, you’ll get a link to re-watch & download the recording. Live Q&A sessions are recorded and available for replay.
  5. Each week you will get guided assignments to complete & submit before your next session. Instructions and any tools you will need are sent to your inbox.
  6. Between sessions, you will be spending 2-4 hours during the week completing your assignments before the next session. If you are in the group sessions, you will be able to enlist the help of your peers for support.

Please Note: When this Series is booked, you will get an email asking you for additional information & context for your business. Please include any relevant information and links and be thorough in your responses to get the most value out of this series.

Still have questions? Send me an email.

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