Mini Consults

Mini Consults

Marketing Advice + Insights + Tech-spertise

Are you blocked with a specific question to something you’re working on? Are you confused what software or tools you need to use for your solution? Do you need someone to give you the inside-track on your problem?

Mini Consults are designed for business owners and startups who need someone to point them in the right direction. These sessions often come with advice on where to find the people you’re looking for, templates to help you on your way, a reading list, and service or technology recommendations to help you on your way.

Get quick, actionable advice on any marketing, customer, community or tech question you may have.

Get the advice you need so you can get started.

30 Minute Consult $99

One question to solve. For example, “I am launching a community and don’t know what platform I should be using” or “I have an event coming up and I’d like more attendees”.

60 Minute Consult $165

When you have 2-3 questions or more complex issues to solve. For example, “How should I go about launching my program” or “I need to know how to get more leads for my business”

How it Works:

  1. Book & pay for your session; choose a time that works for you!
  2. Your consult is conducted over Zoom; your question gets answered and you get the guidance you need to take action!
  3. Your call is recorded; after your consult, you’ll get a link to watch & download the recording.

Please Note: When your mini consult is booked, you will get an email asking you for additional information & context to your question. Please include any relevant information and links. This will give me some context to your question so that I can provide you with the most accurate and effective guidance.

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