Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Galvanizing strategy & focused expertise for sustainable growth

Strategic Consulting

Service Design + Business Strategy + Online Presence

When your community is begging you to take your vision to the next level, you know you have hit on something truly special. 

You’ve accomplished so much already! 

This compelling idea you started with has actually put down roots, and begun to bear fruit. But you can’t shake the feeling that you need some expert help for this next big step. 

You know your mission needs something more stable and strategic. Up until now, you’ve done a lot of “building the ship while sailing it”, making quick moves to pull all the pieces together. 

Your impact, your mission – it’s bigger than you – you need to be sure your next steps are sustainable and scalable. 

Does this sound like your situation?

  • Your customers love what you do, but you haven’t had the time or energy to focus on growing your community.  
  • You are distracted with an endless task list, not sure which ones are best or most effective for your business.
  • You customers love you, but your audience isn’t responding to your content & services the way you thought they would. 
  • You created a new product; and while you were met with initial enthusiasm during launch, it hasn’t really been growing beyond that. 
  • You have valuable contacts and connections, but harnessing your network into beneficial collaboration hasn’t been working. 
  • You need fresh opportunities to reach your ideal customers. There’s too much preaching to the choir; you’d rather be galvanizing new audiences.

You need an expert in your corner to show you the path, clear obstacles, and give you the inside track on how to get it done.

You have enthusiastic customers, you have help on your team (like a virtual assistant or freelancers), and your vision is growing! 

But without a real strategy, without expert advice & support, this next step is too much for you alone.

I can help.

With years of expertise in helping visionary entrepreneurs bring their talents to the world, I help them make a real leap forward. Together we map, design and assemble the systems that drive the success of your business, for years to come.

I offer strategic support, expert guidance, and tech-spertise that entrepreneurs need to take their project to the next stage. I help them trailblaze a path through the confusion, get back to doing what they love, and see their impact accelerate.


  • You are consistently offered new opportunities for collaboration and growth – and you have the time and energy to truly benefit! 
  • You’ve got the headspace you need for creating, now that mundane administration tasks are systemized and automated.
  • You community is inspired, growing consistently, more active and lucrative. You’ve got trusted & passionate ambassadors helping you amplify your mission.
  • You’re finally enjoying your business again, creating the value and having the positive impact you’ve always imagined. 

With the right guidance, you’re unstoppable.

Don’t go it alone.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting packages are customized on a case-by-case basis, but typically include:

Keen Assessment: Taking a sharp eye to your business and get crystal clear on what is working, what needs improvement, and your opportunities for growth. This is where we unearth the gold that makes your vision work.

Planning Sessions: During these collaborative sessions, we’ll use tools and methodologies to establish a tested strategy for growth. You won’t have to be hoping and guessing which actions amplify your vision anymore; you will know exactly what they are. 

Vision Systems: It’s building time. Your vision clear, your path revealed, the system that will drive your mission forward is mapped and implemented. No more floundering in tasks and administration, your vision has a schedule, a support system, automation, and an engine to keep it going.

Growth Machine: With your trusted system in place, you bring in big opportunities and can take full advantage. You know exactly when and how to put your foot on the gas pedal, sustainably accelerating your mission in the world.

Make big things happen. Get the help you need.

My strategic consulting clients are experience action takers, they need a badass in their corner who can see the big vision and expertly champion the plan to make it happen. 

I’m particular about who I choose to work with; each consulting engagement is customized around what you need, and how I can help your vision. 

I generally offer strategic consulting to clients who’s businesses are consistently bringing in monthly revenue. However, I make exceptions for the right client at the right time. 

Strategic consulting packages are offered on a case by case basis, and usually start around $5k for an 8-12 week engagement.   

Ready to get started?

Contact me and tell me what you’re looking for. 

If I think we might be a good fit, we’ll discuss next steps. 

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